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Õpet Acquires US$1.5M Investor Funding from Malaysia’s Genesis on Digital

Singapore, 1 August 2018 — Õpet has successfully won over Kuala Lumpur’s ICO Marketing maestro and investment and blockchain advisory outfit, Genesis on Digital, securing a whopping US$1.5 million in ICO funding for its ambitious blockchain-AI study companion. The deal also included an additional top up option of up to US$1.5 million of Opet Tokens before the end of Õpet’s token sale window, instilling a massive vote of confidence towards Õpet’s ICO progress.
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Blockchain Powered Safe Lockers Ecosystem – Genesis On Digital

July 31, 2018 - G7 Safety Lockers and Genesis On Digital have agreed to work together to establish a blockchain-safety lockers ecosystem.
The two firms will cooperate in exploring new products that harness the efficiency and reliability of block chain and smart contracts through the ecosystem, a joint statement from G7 Safety Lockers and Genesis On Digital said, the partnership is expected to create new opportunities for the space of safe keeping, while customers benefit from the cost savings.
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Retail and Food sectors : Opening the Doors to Blockchain.

Retailers increasingly recognize blockchain’s transformative ability to streamline operations, ensure product authenticity and enable tighter supply chain collaboration.
A first step is for retailers to educate themselves on the nature of blockchain technology and its value for retail operations. They can start by identifying the business processes for which blockchain could help streamline operations. Special attention should be paid to the supply chain, where a blockchain-enabled network can streamline the duplicative record-keeping and databases currently maintained by organizations and their suppliers and distribution partners. For each business process, retail executives should ask themselves whether a blockchain-enabled process would be optimal if they were starting from scratch
According to Group executive Chairman of Prolink Marketing K.Chandran, who is in operation from October 1998 as a trader and manufacturer of all varieties of food products including rice . He believes blockchain networks will create proof of ownership by using unique digital signatures that rely on both public encryption keys known to everyone
on the network and private keys known only to the owner

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