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Thanks to our extensive expertise in blockchain development, we can provide customised solutions for various industry applications. Reduce operational costs, decentralise and automate processes via smart contracts, smart wallets and other blockchain-based solutions, brought together in a strategically planned ICO. Our services aim to provide you the platform needed to soar!

What We Do

Our expert developers offer sophisticated, reliable blockchain solutions for a wide range of applications.

Blockchain Development

Custom solutions that implement blockchain technology, maximising your edge.

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ICO Development

All round development and support services for your own ICO, from start to finish.

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Cryptocurrency Development

Developing custom cryptocurrencies that are not only secure, but smooth and scalable.

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Blockchain Consulting

Expert guidance from our team of professionals to help you reach your goals in the world of blockchain.

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ICO Marketing

Attract investors with our strategic ICO marketing campaigns, utilising both online & offline platforms for powerful promotions.

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Wallet Development

We create universal wallets that store multiple cryptocurrencies, which are highly immune to hard and soft forks.

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ICOMake your mark in social media through ICO PoC.

How can you harness social media interconnectivity and cryptocurrency?


A loyalty driven rewards program hosted on a social networking platform, powered by proof-of-stake base cryptocurrency. This will also allow for interoperability with ERC-20 technology, Ethereum and much more.


Through the power of social media networking, cryptocurrency offers more than just step-by-step growth – it can pave the way for a meteoric rise.

ICO(Commodity based cryptocurrency)Privately Own Your Commodity Based Cryptocurrency

Consumers may have significant doubts about cryptocurrency fluctuations as well as the true value of digital assets.


Cryptocurrency based on commodity highlights its true value, with whitepapers explaining the process and transaction details offering transparency.


Clarification of the true value of the commodity, in the transaction involving cryptocurrencies.

International RemittanceInternational Remittance for banks

How can blockchain significantly reduce the cost of international remittances for banks?


Smart contracts are based in real-time processing, allowing a bank or a group of banks to be on par or faster than the SWIFT network.


International remittance conducted via smart contracts are almost fail proof and also offer security and transparency.

Various Branches of Blockchain

Potential Industry Applications

Blockchain technology is widely expected to disrupt and have an impact in these industries:

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